Leeds West Indian Carnival celebrates 50 years
Leeds West Indian Carnival celebrates 50 years. Photo: Maria Spadafora

Leeds West Indian Carnival celebrates 50 years with a year of spectacular events across Leeds. A record breaking 250,000 people attend the Carnival parade making it one of the biggest events in the city’s history. Over 2,000 revellers from across the UK, U.S., Canada and the Caribbean take part in the parade.


The very first Leeds West Indian Carnival Queen at 50th anniversary show
Photo: David Lindsay

The very first Carnival Queen Vicky Cielto is revealed at the 50th anniversary Carnival King & Queen Show at West Yorkshire Playhouse. Ms Cielto was reunited with designers of her Sun Goddess costume, Veronica and Erwin Samlal Singh and returned to Leeds for the first time in 50 years.


Leeds West Indian Carnival 2017 King and Queen show
Photo: David Lindsay

Leeds designer Hughbon Condor’s Hell Fire, Heaven Reign costume worn by Eleanor Claxton wins the 50th anniversary Carnival Queen title while Lincoln Rahamut’s Splendour of the Glorious Sunset worn by Athan Martin is Carnival King.

Carnival Choir Leeds West Indian Carnival 50th celebrations
Photo: David Lindsay

Carnival Choir – a 50 strong choir made up of amateur singers from across Leeds working with professional musicians performs at Carnival King &  Queen Show and on Carnival Day.